Amaryllis Aphrodite Indoor Grow Set
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Amaryllis Aphrodite Indoor Grow Set



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Amaryllis with their stunning large blooms are undoubtedly a popular choice for a magnificent display of flowering blooms. 

Amaryllis Aphrodite is appropriately named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It produces glorious double pink-and-white flowers with delicate rose pink edges, a truly exquisite plant with a striking appearance - they are guaranteed to brighten up any household in the winter months. 

With its magnificent eye-catching display, this growing set would make a perfect long lasting and memorable gift for some one special. The set includes a large bulb, white ceramic pot and growing medium - everything needed to grow.

This is easy to use and beautifully packaged to make the ideal gift.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.95, today just 4.95 - Save £8!

Open the bag of compost and empty the contents into the ceramic planter, keeping a small amount back to cover bulb.
Place the bulb on the compost, with the  bud facing upwards and fill around the bulb evenly with the remaining compost. Leave the bud of the amaryllis uncovered for best results. Place indoors in a warm location (18 °C).

When the flower bud appears, water twice weekly. Turn the pot regularly to keep the stem from growing towards the light. Once the flowers appear, you can prolong the bloom time by keeping in a cooler location and away from direct sources of heat.

Some plants can be harmful if consumed or cause irritation if touched.