Dahlia Avignon - Special Premium Variety - Pack of THREE
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Dahlia Avignon - Special Premium Variety - Pack of THREE

Product ref: BR76328

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A superb and highly sought after variety of Dahlia, 'Avignon' is very attractive and one of our recommended varieties. One of the best and most decorative varieties you can buy, Dahlia Avignon produces extremely large showy flowers - up to 15-20cms (8-10inches) across! These flowers are a creamy-white, with each irregularly streaked with a deep purple-pink and regal burgundy, making no two flowers look alike. They make excellent cut flowers and are very useful for growing in containers or for filling gaps in perennial borders. Will grow to around 80cms (3ft) in height.

Pack of Three chunky tubers ready to plant and flower beautifully this summer, these are what we pot up on the nursery to make large flowering plants in the summer, that sell in the garden centres for around £10 each! why not get these and enjoy growing them in your garden from the word go at a fraction of the price?