SPECIAL DEAL - Dahlia Candy Club - Pack of THREE - PREMIUM Selection
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SPECIAL DEAL - Dahlia Candy Club - Pack of THREE - PREMIUM Selection



Product ref: BR76335

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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.97, today just 7.97 - Save £5!

A very exotic looking and decorative Dahlia, Candy Club is a hard to find special Premium variety.

Dahlia decorative 'Candy Club' is great for borders and is topped with pink petals that are randomly speckled and striped with red blooms

Great of garden borders, any one that is luck enough to chance upon a plant of this Candy Club Dahlia in full bloom will find the flowers quite intriguing. Masses of flowers are produced on sturdy stems above fresh green foliage, these are a lovely shade of pink - not unusual in itself, and simplicity of a solid colour is often called for in the garden, but Candy Club delivers something more. The blooms are not a solid pink, the petals are randomly speckled and striped with red. No two blooms are identical, no matter how hard you look! This makes Candy Club the perfect choice to inject something bright and cheerful to a summer planting scheme, the colour scheme is bang on trend for the pinky-purples that appeared so prevalently at Chelsea this year, and then on closer inspection you get the added intrigue of each petal looking different from the next. It is perhaps not for everyone, but it's certainly one to plant if you like a lot of colour, we think in would look great and really stand out with some zingy under planting of bright lime-green Hostas and Heuchera. It would of course work well with the traditionally plummy colours too. Ideas and combinations are almost endless, so we will let you have fun with this one! It will reach up to around 90cms (3ft) tall, and of course be fabulous in a vase too. Candy Club will provide it's long season of colour from mid-summer though until autumn.

Pack of Three chunky tubers ready to plant and flower beautifully this summer, these are what we pot up on the nursery to make large flowering plants in the summer, that sell in the garden centres for around £10+ each! why not get these and enjoy growing them in your garden from the word go at a fraction of the price?

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.97, today just 7.97 - Save £5!