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> > CYBER WEEK is here! Today Get this Large Winter Cherry Plant for Just £1. Whilst Stocks Last! > >

Grow your own Funky Cocktails!
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Grow your own Funky Cocktails!

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A great present to surprise!! This fantastic 21 piece grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own fresh cocktail ingredients enabling you to Infuse your cocktails with lovely fresh, home grown tastes straight from your garden. 

Mint - Mint leaves add a hit of freshness to cocktails and also look great as a garnish. Popular cocktails containing mint are Mojito and Mai Tai.

Strawberries - Strawberries are often overlooked in cocktails but they add great flavor, colour and are great as a garnish. Wonderful with Margaritas and Daiquiris.

Lime Basil - A hidden gem with its citrus fragrance and delicate flavor you can add it to any cocktail or use to make your own syrup.

Lavender - Lavender has a beautiful fragrance and looks stunning as a garnish, any fans of Mothers Ruin will love a lavender infusion.

Cucumber - The fresh taste of cucumber added to Gin and Vodka will leave you feeling cool and craving more!

Borage - Popular in summer cup cocktails for its delicate cucumber flavor with beautiful striking flowers. Use this dainty flower to add colour and flavour to garnish your cocktails. 

Gift set includes - 6 sachets of seeds, 6 biodegradable planting pots, plastic propagator, 6 plant markers, bag of growing medium and importantly an easy to use and detailed growing instruction leaflet.

Detailed, easy to use instructions booklet included. 

For best results, sow within season of purchase. 

Store in a cool dry place.

Some varieties can take upto 4 weeks to appear, speed of growth will depend on growing conditions.