Sweet Pea Trellis Grow set - Villa Roma Blue
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Sweet Pea Trellis Grow set - Villa Roma Blue

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This lovely grow set is supplied with everything required to get going growing your own sweet peas, including pot, mini trellis, seeds and compost, plus of course easy to follow instructions.

Villa Roma is a compact and bushy member of the award winning family of Sweet Pea. Specially chosen for their striking bright colours and excellent garden performance, this Sweet Pea is perfect for both gardening beginners and green fingered connoisseurs.

The Villa Roma Blue Sweet Pea will produce a simply stunning collection of vibrant purple and blue blooms on short, strong stems - an array of simply beautiful and elegant blooms with outstanding garden performance, flowering over a long period. 

Take your bag of compost and empty the contents into your pot. Keep a small amount back to cover your seeds. Scatter the seeds thinly and evenly over the compost. Cover your seeds with the remaining compost and lightly firm down and water well. Place your pot in a warm place and keep it moist. Once the seedlings start to appear place your pot in a sunny spot and water it daily.

Sweet pea roots will appreciate a deeper growing space. They like a lot of nutrients so it wouldn’t hurt to put them in an area dug over with compost or well-rotted farmyard manure. These flowers are great in open ground like a garden or backyard but they also do extremely well in containers. Just ensure that wherever they are they’re just kept well watered. These plants are climbers so a wigwam of canes, a lattice of willow, or even an old ladder or other garden art will give the plants the foundation to grow tall and strong. Keep them tied in using garden string or similar or they’ll flop all over the place. If you pinch off the top growing tip of the plant when it’s young it encourages side shoots and a thicker and more blossom-abundant plant. If you don’t pinch shoots out the plants will still grow, don’t worry. They’ll just likely be less full than plants that are manicured. Keep well watered and pick, pick, pick!

Remember that the more you pick, the more flowers you’ll have. Keep a container near the door so that you’re greeted with beautiful scent every time you leave and enter the house. What a great way to begin the day!