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Four Large 4-5ft Patio PILLAR Fruit Trees - Childhood memories Orchard Bundle - 4 Different Trees
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Four Large 4-5ft Patio PILLAR Fruit Trees - Childhood memories Orchard Bundle - 4 Different Trees

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If you like fruit, or simply want to eat more as part of a healthy lifestyle, you need these.

A massive garden is not needed as these will thrive in patio planters and can be easily kept as compact towers with pruning.

In our Childhood memories Orchard Bundle, we supply not one, not two not three, but four fantastic varieties of apple tree, as although some apples can be self fertile, they always benefit from having a partner around!

We've also already done a lot of the hard work, and grown these on to be 4-5ft tall on delivery! Far more established than you'll find anywhere else, they are fantastic value for money, and will pay for themselves in no time.

These well loved apples need no introduction, being widely available in the shops and as a healthy treat in kid's lunch boxes! Now they can grow their own. These varieties are renowned for heavy cropping with loads of juicy, crisp, mouth watering fruit.

Enjoy straight from the tree or store for use through to winter. Although dessert varieties, they are also great for baking pies and making apple sauce. You can even be adventurous and use the kilos of fruit you will be able to harvest for juicing and making cider too. If you find you have too many apples, remember they also freeze really well.

Each Childhood memories collection of Patio Pillar Fruit Trees contains one plant in the following selection of varieties:

One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world, Gala is a union of Kidd's Orange Red (itself a cross between Cox and Red Delicious) and Golden Delicious, therefore it's a union of three of the world's most important apple varieties. Gala apples keep well in storage, it is not unusual to still have good quality stored apples from the previous autumn around in April/May!

Often found in supermarkets, and therefore automatically dismissed by some as bland and boring, Gala is actually hard to beat and a first choice variety if you want a reliable sweet easy-eating apple. Anyone fortunate enough to have tried a home grown Gala straight from the tree will know that it has a surprisingly punchy sweet flavour, not found in supermarket specimens.

This early fruiting variety is characterised by its very large fruit and conical shape, the skin is covered with a lovely dark red blush, and their interior has a superb taste. These apples are exceptionally crispy, juicy and aromatic.

Red Delicious
Red Delicious is one of the most famous apples, instantly recognisable as the quintessential red apple. It originated in the USA, where it is one of the most widely grown varieties, often seen in the shops under the ‘Washington’ apple branding. Red Delicious is a medium sized apple, with a tall conical shape and fantastic, dark intense crimson colour. Red Delicious has a sweet mild flavour, the flesh is juicy and has a light crispness. 

Red Jonaprince (Red Prince)
Red Prince was discovered growing as a chance seedling in a commercial orchard in the Netherlands, not far from the border with Germany, in 1994. It is also widely known as Red Jonaprince.  As the name suggests, it is almost entirely red at the time of harvest. It appears to be a cross between american variety Jonathan and Golden Delicious varieties, both of which were being grown in the area. This makes it a sibling of the well known Jonagold, which shares the same parentage. It is a good apple to store to eat through winter, the flavour actually benefits from a time in storage before eating.

These Pillar Trees will produce delicious full sized fruit in the first year after planting and grow no larger than 2m provided they are given an annual trim.

Keep in tubs on the patio and enjoy the delightful spring blossom that is followed by the vivid coloured fruit, or simply plant in to garden borders or the allotment.

Why not plant a few trailing plants around the base to create an interesting effect.

These vigorous trees are fantastic and ready to grow quickly.

Fully hardy, and so easy to grow, each tree is supplied bare rooted at around 135-165cms tall, and are conveniently labelled by variety so you know who is who, plus they will be delivered with easy to follow planting instructions.