Grow your own Kitchen Garden Herbs Ceramic Planter Gift Set
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Grow your own Kitchen Garden Herbs Ceramic Planter Gift Set



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A great gift for anyone who has a passion for cooking and likes to keep a selection of fresh herbs close to hand to add to those wholesome and tasty home cooked recipes.

Our Kitchen Herb set includes five sachets of seeds, a specifically designed unique white modern ceramic pot complete with five growing sections to grow your own herbs indoors all year round. Perfect for placing on the kitchen windowsill, Creating a beautiful blooming display of the most popular cooking herbs,;

This Kitchen Herb Set contains Basil Sweet Genovese, Chives, Parsley Moss Curled 2, Oregano and Thyme, comes complete with specifically designed white ceramic planter  and comprehensive and easy to follow planting instructions.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.97 today just 7.97 - Save £5!

Fill the pot with growing medium taking care with the four open sections around the middle of the pot.

Sow each sachet of seeds in a separate compartment of the pot, for finer seeds, sow half the sachet evenly to avoid overcrowding (excess seeds can be used for herbs in the second year).

Moisten compost without over watering, take care that water doesnt overflow out of the four holes. Starting with the four holes around the outside of the pot, make holes in the compost using your finger and evenly spead one variety of seeds and cover. Continue this process until you have sown all five varieties. We recommend placing the basil seeds in the larger central planter hole. Lightly firm down and keep moist.

Place into a plastic bag to create humidity and place indoors in a warm location for 1 week to activate germination, when seedlings begin to appear remove plastic bag. Place herb pot on a warm windowsill and await fresh herbs to pick regularly throughout the year. Check that the compost is kept moist especially during warmer months.

If growing herbs indoors on a windowsill remember to protect them at night from sudden drops of temperature. Do not place near heaters or radiators as this will dry the plants out very quickly. Fertilise every two weeks during the summer for strong healthy plants.