Climbing Rose - Velichenblau
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Climbing Rose - Velichenblau

Product ref: R20209

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5ltr pot - planted from Bareroot

Can only find as a Rambling Rose

David Autin - ? @ £24.50

Produces large, closely packed clusters of small, cupped flowers. They open purple-magenta with a white centre, occasionally streaked white too, each with an attractive boss of bright yellow stamens. As the blooms age, they fade to lilac-grey – appearing almost blue on occasions. There is a fresh, fruity scent with rich orange notes. The growth is rather stiff and almost thornless. Schmidt, 1869.

Crocus - 4ltr @ £20

A very big description

Classic Roses - Potted @ £21

(Rambler) 'Violet Blue'. A vigorous rambler. it bears large clusters of small, semi-double purple-violet flowers with some white brush markings. They are scented and mature to a blueish-lilac and fade to a lilac-grey.