Spring Flowering Bulbs - Pick & Mix

Our Spring Flowering Bulbs collection will make you feel like being in a sweet shop with all the vibrant colours and varieties available to choose from.

You really know that winter is on the way out when Spring bulbs start to break through the surface of your flowerbeds and pots. Just seeing them begin to grow brings a sense of the excitement as your thoughs turn to the new gardening season as we begin to experience milder temperatures and brighter weather.

We know that planting bulbs can be time consuming so we have put together a fabulous and in many cases unique selection of bulbs already planted in pots for you which will soon be budding (if they are not doing so already) when you receive them.

Not to be missed are the Snowdrops, Hardy Cyclamen and Dwarf Daffodils, in fact there are so many wonderful varieties to choose from in this 'pick and mix' selection, we're sure you'll be tempted to many different kinds, all will flower this spring, and every year, and perfect to mix and match as you desire. Many varieties sell out quickly, so don't delay in ordering if you see something you're after.

There are no products matching the selection.