Pernettya Berry Gift Basket
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Pernettya Berry Gift Basket

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Pernettya Berry Gift Basket

Perenettya Berry Plants are compact hardy evergreen shrubs with attractive small leaves. Their common name prickly heath suggests they may be thorny, but they are not.

The most notable feature is their berries, displayed on this plant in a festive red colour. These literally smother the entire plants, like sparkly jewels nestled throughout the foliage and make Pernettya plants a perfect seasonal gift when presented in our special basket. They can be enjoyed over the festive period indoors, and then later planted out in to the garden. Here this hardy evergreen shrub produces pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers between May and June above before the berrries follow.

Pernettya Berry Plants supplied as pictured nestled in a lovely gift basket.