Grow your own Funky Rainbow Veg Kit
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Grow your own Funky Rainbow Veg Kit

Product ref: X76442-509

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This fantastic 21 piece grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own funky and unique rainbow vegetables which include Rainbow Beetroot, Purple Carrots, Vivid Chard, Radish Blush Mix, Stripy Tomatoes and Turkish Turban Squash. 

Buying vegetables at your local supermarket may be convenient, but it doesn't last as long and tastes no where near as good as the real stuff from your own garden! Why not make the suggested '5 a day' a real focal and discussion point at mealtimes too?

We believe this is a fantastic gift to encourage children (of all ages!) to not only grow and nurture their own home produce but will whet their appetite and tempt them into eating their veggies too.

This Grow your own Funky vegetables kit comes with all you need to create your own DIY allotment with each vegetable featuring a funky colour so your can really spruce up your dinner plate - a real conversational starter and a delight to the eye as well as the taste buds.

Each kit includes 6 sachets of seed, 6 biodegradable pots, plastic propagator, 6 plant markers, a bag of growing medium and detailed planting instructions for each variety.

Kit includes detailed and very easy to follow instructions for each variety of Vegetable supplied 

For best results sow within season of purchase, speed of growth will depend on growing conditions and allow upto 4 weeks for all varieties to appear.