Hardy Cyclamen Coum - Pack of THREE Plants
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Hardy Cyclamen Coum - Pack of THREE Plants



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These hardy, dauntless plants will really get under the skin despite their diminutive appearance. Cyclamen coum is fully hardy, and grows from a small bulb flowering in late winter here in the UK.

It's not unknown to see them breaking through and flowering even when their are showers of winter snow still around, so it is a flower that really warms the heart at this time of the year. Given well-drained soil they will naturalise happily in grass or under deciduous shrubs and trees. The charming flowers rise above carpets of silvery marbled foliage with the brightness of the colour seemingly even more vibrant on drab days.

Cyclamen coum is found in the mountains of Turkey, the Caucasus and northern Iran, and varies widely in the wild, as in cultivation, with flower colour from pure white through soft pink to rose pink. It is happiest in well-drained soil under deciduous shrubs or trees where it is perfect used to naturalise on its own or with other spring flowering bulbs such as snowdrops. It can also be used to great effect in seasonal patio displays.

Pack of THREE strong Plants in assorted colours, supplied in approx. 10.5cm/1 litre pots in bud and coming in to flower in season. Please note these plants can enter summer dormancy in the warmer months and sometime arrive 'naked' when out of the main growing period for this species.


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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 19.99, today just 9.97 for THREE - Save over £10!