Hyacinth Scented Pink Growing kit
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Hyacinth Scented Pink Growing kit

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Hyacinths are an old favourite that are much loved for their big bright flowers and strong perfume.

Perfect in the garden and patio planters or simply for seasonal home decor - with these you don't need potpourri or air freshener as they'll fill the air with their unmistakable perfume. Position them in cheerful or contemporary styled pots on windowsills or side tables for optimum enjoyment. They can of course be planted directly in to the garden also, and will thrive to re-appear every season.

Hyacinths provide stunning spring displays of fragrant blooms both in the garden and in the home. If you want an 'early' spring display and to fill the air with scent now is the time to plant your indoor Hyacinth bulbs - of course this would also make a nice little gift for someone special.

These gifting Grow sets contain everything needed for planting and make a lovely gift - plastic pot, 3 bulbs and growing medium.

Fill pot with compost keeping some to cover the bulbs with later, place bulbs approx 8cm deep and spaced evenly, ensuring they do not touch the sides of the pot. Cover with the remaining compost and firm down. Place the pot in a cool dark and ventilated spot. After approx 10-12 weeks when the bud is 8cm out of the bulb, locate to a warmer room. Water sparingly. Once flowering place in a well lit location and turn daily to prevent growth towards the light

Once flowers appear, to prolong the bloom keep your plant in a cooler location away from direct sources of heat. This pot with bulbs can be placed directly into a decorative pot of your choice