Gaura Pink Panache - Hardy variegated Pink Whirling Butterflies Plant - NEW & EXCLUSIVE
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Gaura Pink Panache - Hardy variegated Pink Whirling Butterflies Plant - NEW & EXCLUSIVE

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This fantastic new Gaura, or Whirling Butterflies plant as we like to call them on the nursery is going to be a great addition to any garden bed, patio or terrace planter. They look outstanding on there own, and spectacular when planted in a group, providing a lovely splash of colour where ever your choose to plant them all summer long.

Fully hardy, Gaura Pink Panache forms a plant of good shape up to around 60cms tall, the plants are strong and upright, and don't seem to flop over like some Gaura varieties can. They are robust plants once established, and will flower from late May through to November when the first really hard frosts of winter arrive. It's not all over then however, as they'll simply reshoot the following year to provide the same great display all over again.

The upright stems are clothed with zesty green and cream-lemon variegated leaves, these create a fantastic contrast to the stems and new shoot tips that are tinted with crimson-red.

The plants are then covered in neat spires of 'Whirling Butterfly' style flowers - so called because each bloom takes the appearance on a tiny butterfly. These appear in their masses all summer long to give the appearance of thousands of tiny butterflies dancing above the foliage as the flower stems sway in the breeze. Every flower is a lovely bright pink in colour, some with occasional white highlights. The variegated foliage create a stunning contrasting background for these. The plants on our nursery are one of the most outstanding at the moment, shining out above all others and catching the eye from quarter of a mile away on the other side of the site!

BRAND NEW AND EXCLUSIVE, we are proud to present this new Gaura which we can't recommend highly enough.

All of our plants have been lovingly grown here on our nursery, they are beautifully bushy full pots, and have been blooming for several weeks already. Fully covered by our guarantee, get them planted in your garden, and watch them get bigger and better and continue for the rest of the year in your patio planters, beds or borders. Actual stock from the nursery is pictured, typical examples of the plants you will receive. If you choose just one new plant for your garden this summer, make this the one!