Patio Fruit Tree - Compact Pear 'Doyenne du Comice' Tree
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Patio Fruit Tree - Compact Pear 'Doyenne du Comice' Tree

Product ref: FT16129

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Grow your own sweet, juicy pears! Thought you didn't have enough space to have a fruit tree in your garden? Well, think again! Now, with this fantastic patio pear tree grafted on to dwarfing rootstock, you can have delicious pears . The Comice is extremely popular, and reknowned for being very sweet, very juicy and full of flavour. Full sun in a south-facing position is desirable for growing fruit and will encourage a more abundant crop, but other positions will also be fine. This patio fruit tree is grafted on a special root stock to give a maximum mature height of approx 1.2-1.5 metres, is self pollinating and is supplied in an approx 5 litre containers.