Penstemon Collection - Pack of FIVE different Plants

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A classic cottage garden perennial that is totally winter hardy and easy to grow. Perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, you’re guaranteed masses of spectacular flowers up to five months of the year, which can also be cut for your home.

Superb grown in beds and borders alongside other perennials or among ornamental grasses, Penstemon likes well-drained soil and forms large clumps in time, rewarding you with even more flowers. 

This collection of 5 varieties of Penstemon Phoenix in an array of colours will brighten up your beds and borders from June to October.

Clump forming perennials - no staking required, create tall spires of bell shaped blooms like miniature foxgloves which are highly attractive to pollinators.

Easy gardening with great results.

This collection contains 1 of each of the varieties below as 9cm pot grown plants measuring 10-15cm tall.

Penstemon Phoenix Apple Blossom
Penstemon Phoenix Violet
Penstemon Phoenix Red
Penstemon Phoenix Pink
Penstemon Phoenix Magenta

These will quickly branch and bloom this summer, and every year going forward.

Pack of FIVE Plants.