Premium Tulipa Red Baby Doll Tulip Grow Set
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Premium Tulipa Red Baby Doll Tulip Grow Set



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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 14.99, today just 4.99 - Save £10!

An ideal gift to create a stunning patio display of beautiful double 'Peony' flowing Tulips in deep red shades for blooms from April to May with this luxury premium, well presented  gift set.

Spring flowers are always a welcome sight for gardeners, and this high quality, premium gift set would make a wonderful present for any gardening enthusiast or equally would be ideal for any novice gardener. The set comes complete with a premium, high quality contemporary patio Basalt planter perfect for any garden, whether modern or traditional, along with the Tulip Bulbs, growing medium and instructions.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 14.99, today just 4.99 - Save £10!

Empty the contents of the compost into the planter, keeping a small amount back to cover the bulbs, spread the bulbs equally around the planter with the pointed end facing upwards. Gently press them 15cm down into the planter and cover with the excess compost.

Spring flowering bulbs must be planted and kept in a cool place for 12-16 weeks. After the cooling period the planter can be moved to a warmer location with good sunlight.

Water little and often but do not over water.

When the Tulip stems are around 15-20cm high, feed every couple of weeks with a high potash feed like tomato fertilizer.

Once they start to flower then you can stop feeding them.

Allow the flowers to bloom and dieback naturally. Dead head as soon as possible to prevent the seeds maturing. If the seeds are left it will affect the flower production for the following year. Once the leaves have died down (approx 8 weeks after blooming) lift the bulbs and clean them of compost. Bulbs can be stored in socks or old tights which will help to provide the air circulation they need, you can replant the bulbs the following autumn (spring bulbs planted outdoors and can be left in the ground to bloom year after year)