Rose Harlow Carr ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose
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Rose Harlow Carr ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose

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David Austin Rose 'Harlow Carr' has the most perfect, cup-shaped blooms in a lovely colour - the purest pink you can imagine - and will form a beautiful and hardy deciduous shrub. It is extremely free flowering, with blooms lasting right the way through the Summer. The spreading branches grow to form a neat rounded bush, which is particularly useful for those of us with smaller gardens as the blooms cover the whole shrub from top to bottom.

A further aspect of attraction is the foliage which first emerges as a beautiful bronze colour before it matures to a nice shade of green as the foliage grows.

Additionally, every flower has a strong and commanding fragrance.

Harlow Carr will reach a maximum height of around 100-150cm in 2-5 years if left unprunned, but it will be more compact if you prune each winter. It will thrive a any moist, fertile, well-drained soil.

Supplied in approx 5-6 litre containers.