Rose Wildeve ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose
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Rose Wildeve ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose

Product ref: R76190

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A versatile rose, 'Wildeve' forms particularly robust shrub, forming long, arching branches that create a lovely bushy shape as the plant matures.

A very free flowering variety, with plenty of repeat blooming throughout the season. The buds first appear in Spring, emerging as a pretty blush pink, then as they open and come into flowering, very often they have a slight apricot flush to the petals. When fully open, the blooms form a perfect rosette shape with each having a delightfully fresh fragrance.

Wildeve is the perfect rose to be afforded a prime location in your borders. With exceptional quality flowers and it's versatility as a plant - grow as a shrub rose, or train against a fence - it will be a sure fire winner every Summer.

Supplied in approx 5-6 litre containers.