Rose Sharifa Asma ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose
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Rose Sharifa Asma ® - David Austin ® Shrub Rose

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David Austin ® Shrub Rose 'Sharifa Asma' is a lovely rose. The flowers are quite beautiful, being a very delicate blush-pink with the outer petals fading to near white.

These blooms are shallow-cupped initially, but as they age, the outer petals fold backwards and each bloom then forms a perfect rosette formation packed with lots of rippled petals.

Sharifa Asma is a Rose that has a very distinctive fragrance, with fruity notes and most noticeable are the hints of white grape and mulberry. Smelling this rose is like enjoying the fragrance of a fine wine!

A compact variety with a bushy habit, it reach around a metre (3-4ft) when mature.

Supplied in approx 5-6 litre containers.

available from mid November