Daphne odora Marianni - Fragrant Evergreen Variegated Daphne Shrub
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Daphne odora Marianni - Fragrant Evergreen Variegated Daphne Shrub

Product ref: S3C008

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This new Daphne has already picked up an award from the Horticultural trade in the European plant growing heartlands of Holland - they know a thing or two about plants, so you can be assured it's a really good variety.

Unlike traditional varieties of Daphne odora, Marianni has leaves that are edged in light yellow, not just a little, like the well known 'Aureomarginata', but a lot. The brightness at the edge of each leaf is intense in contrast to the dark green middle, giving almost a feeling of luminosity to the whole shrub. This brightness is really valuable on an evergreen such as this in the dull winter months when very few flowers are blooming.

Better yet, this Daphne does not disappoint as small bouquets of highly perfumed flowers appear over a long period from late Winter right through the Spring period.

It's one to plant in a patio container perhaps, or close to a high traffic area such as a pathway so you can get full benefit of all that fragrance. Supplied in approx 0.5 litre containers.