Amelanchier lamarckii - June Berry
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Amelanchier lamarckii - June Berry

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Delicate, star-shaped, white flowers in March to April and bronze leaves maturing to dark green and then orange and red in autumn. The white flowers of the turn to green fruits. These slowly turn pink then bright red in June & continue ripening to purple-black by mid summer.

Noted for its beautiful autumn leaf colour, this upright-stemmed shrub which can be grown into a tree is an ideal specimen plant for a shrub or mixed border in full sun or part-shade.

After leaf-fall, the upright branches continue to provide winter appeal. The bark is smooth in the shrub's youth, silvery grey with darker stripes. As it ages, the bark splits into craggy furrows with increasing character.

Supplied in approx 3 Litre containers at around 80cms tall.

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