TEN Giant Skyscraper Towering Tree like Oriental Lily Bulbs - Yelloween
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TEN Giant Skyscraper Towering Tree like Oriental Lily Bulbs - Yelloween



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Giant Skyscraper Towering Tree-like Oriental Lily - Yelloween

One of the tallest, most striking Lily varieties available - reaches up to 8ft tall!

Hardy and easy to grow - blooms outdoors every summer, or year round indoors in pots.

Large, fragrant blooms have satiny, primrose yellow petals that are complemented by a lime green throat. 

Attractive to butterflies, it will grow well in full sun or partial shade

A very striking Lily, Yelloween is a distinctly different Oriental-Trumpet Hybrid  popular with florists for its long stems, cool yellow hue and wonderful fragrance. These prolific flowering lilies will produce 25-30 flowers from a single bulb, growing 120cms+ (4ft) in year one, and up to 2.5m (8ft) in the second year, and each year thereafter once fully established. 

The plants increase in size every year and eventually producing huge 25cm (9 inch) diametre flowers atop the self supporting, tall, strong stems. A real showstopper for your garden, Oriental Lily Yelloween have a real warmth and fragrance that will permeate your entire garden.

Blooming later in the season than most other lilies, this exotic beauty is truly spectacular in colour and size. Yelloween is great for adding perennial zing to your beds and borders, leave the bulbs in the ground undisturbed for even more flowers the following year.

Demand and interest in Oriental Lilies has grown dramatically in recent years - they're loved by florists for summer bouquets and bridal centerpieces.

Pack of 10 chunky bulbs, ready to plant.

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