Tulipa Abba Red - Double Peony Flowered Tulips
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Tulipa Abba Red - Double Peony Flowered Tulips

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The fiery double flowering Tulip Abba is the finest of the early blooming red tulips you will find. Carrying fragrant large flowers it is a sport of Monet Carlo so flowers around the same time - great if you want to combine the two varieties together for a striking mixed show. The tomato red petals occassionally display yellow flames, are very full and double flowered in form. The sheer size of the flower combined with the doubleness of the blooms has earned them the name of 'Peony Tulips' as the flowers really do resemble those of the classic cottage garden Peony. A premium variety, Tulip Abba also has a lovely fragrance, furthering the comparison to peonies. Just make sure you plant enough to fill your spring garden and your vase! Tulips will often multiply over the years if planted out in the garden and are perfect for naturalising under trees and in shrub borders. The flowers can remain for several weeks, which is an added bonus early in the year when flowers are harder to come by in the garden. These can also be kept indoors for flowering and natural decor on windowsills, desks or anywhere else you choose to display them. Supplied as a 12cm pot crammed full of bulbs in bud and ready to bloom indoors or in the garden.