Narcissus Bittern - Daffodil
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Narcissus Bittern - Daffodil

Product ref: U10033

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Bittern' is a very reliable clump-forming daffodil that will perform year after year every spring. It produces its flowers in clusters, two or three together on top of each stem in an attractive combination of yellow petals and small orange cups. The long lasting flowers of Daffodils will light up areas which can normally be pretty dull in late winter and early spring, this variety is perfect for naturalising under trees for example or used as an underplanting layer in shrub borders. Cutting just a few Narcissus stems from those growing in the garden to put in a small simple vase can bring joy to an entire room in the house when they're blooming or just bring some sunshine indoors with these in their pots!

Supplied as an approx 10cm pot crammed full with bulbs ready to bloom indoors or in the garden!