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Passion Flowers - Passiflora caerulea

Passion flowers, despite their tropical and delicate appearance, are tough at heart and easy to grow. Many varieties are hardy plants that freeze in Winter but grow back annually. Flowering from Summer to early Autumn, Passion flowers produce masses of blooms two to three inches (5-10cms) wide. For best results, plant in deep, fertile soil with good drainage or large patio containers.

Passiflora like plenty of water and some shade. Prune older branches and weak stems in late winter for better flowering the following season. The vine-like nature of the passion flower makes it ideally suited for training on trellis or scrambling up fences and through trees. If you don't want the plants to become too large, keep them trimmed.

Why not create a real talking point with our spectacular selection of varieties? These fast-growing plants are supplied as flowering-size plants in approx 2 LITRE pots. Much larger than our competitors!

Browse our vast selection of passion flowers for sale; all are hardy and will thrive in UK growing conditions

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Large 6-7ft Specimen Climber - Passion Flower caerulea - Passiflora
Passiflora Amethyst Lavender Lady - Passion Flower
Passiflora caerulea Constance Eliott - Passion Flower Constance Elliot - White Passiflora
Passiflora violacea Victoria - Passion Flower
Passion Flower - Passiflora aurantia - Orange-petaled Passion Flower
Passion Flower - Passiflora Jelly Joker
Passion Flower - Passiflora Murucuja - Scarlet Passion Flower
Passion Flower Alata - Passiflora
Passion Flower caerulea - Passiflora
Passion Flower Citrina - Rare Yellow Passiflora
Passion Flower Collection - 5 Different Passiflora
Passion Flower Lady Margaret - Passiflora
Passion Flower Marijke - Passiflora
Passion Flower Panda - Passiflora
Passion Flower Purple Haze - Passiflora
Passion Flower Vitifolia - Passiflora - Scarlet Crimson Perfumed Red Passion Vine