Garden Tools

Our selection of the best garden tools and sets will make looking after your outdoor space an absolute breeze. From digging spades to hand forks, we sell the perfect tool so that you can transform your garden. Not all gardening tools are built the same, we source only the best quality products that will last you for years to come. Along with fantastic quality, we have some fantastic tool bundles available at unbeatable prices. Why not treat yourself or someone else to one of our gardening tool sets - they make a great unexpected gift for any enthusiatic or new gardener, even as a house warming present perhaps!

We have specially selected the Ash & Steel brand of garden tools, featuring everything from Digging Spades and Forks, to hand trowels, rakes and hoes, all as the name suggests constructed from the finest mirror-finish stainless steel and FSC Ash wood - build with both strength and durability in mind. These are tools that have been manufactured to the highest standard using the finest materials available to produce high quality and reliable tools, they are designed for use by both the professional and enthusiastic home gardener wanting that something special. Only once Ash & Steel tools complete a hand inspection for quality in the factory are they heat branded with Ash & Steel logo, ensuring authenticity against any look-a-like brands you may see else where.

We have also selected Ash & Steels range of Green & Grey tools, which offer the same quality, strength and durability at a budget friendly price - constructed from powder coated carbon steel with a hammered effect finish with sturdy resin handles, they're equally impressive in terms of their durability as the flagship Ash & Steel tools range but offer astounding value for money. 

if you are after any further information, read our guide to garden tools.

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