Plant Quality

How do you ensure Quality and the Size of the Plant's shipped to me?

For your piece of mind, Gardening Express are continuously checking the quality of our plants prior to shipping, and they’re regularly inspected by DEFRA too to ensure they are pest and disease free when they leave us.

Where we specify sizing of plants, due to their seasonal nature, this can only ever be approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

If a measurement is stated this would have been taken of the entire product from base of pot to uppermost leaf as is the industry standard.

Please note that each batch can however vary, and as a working nursery, our horticultural team can prune plants from time to time in line with good husbandry and practice – hence we do not guarantee specific heights and so on of plants, these should only ever be treated as an indication subject to variance.

The key measure we provide as an indicator of quality is the pot size, although these can sometime vary (for example if we have a larger plant size in a slightly smaller pot), this does not happen very often.

For items that are bare rooted, we use cold storage facilities, to keep them dormant, so you should not worry if they arrive without foliage even in warm conditions – once activated in your garden they’ll quickly burst in to life.