Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are fantastic for softening hard landscaping and using them to contrast against other plants - many varieties can also be architectural in their own right. They come in various colours and textures, making them versatile for all garden styles and situations.

Most gardens can accommodate several varieties. Ideal for sensory gardens, where you'll be able to hear the breeze whispering through the taller varieties flower heads, the shorter types can also make an inspirational container planting. Our ornamental grasses for the garden are available all year round and are perfect for growing in UK conditions. Browse our huge selection of grasses for gardens which will add texture, movement and year-round interest to your garden

Grasses are easy to grow, low maintenance and offer year-round interest. Increasing in popularity, ornamental grasses add a new dimension to gardens offering winter interest when their frost-covered foliage and seed heads appear magical. During hot summers, grasses can fend for themselves, meaning they are perfect for busy gardeners.

Try including grasses in Mediterranean, prairie and modern garden designs; they look great all year round and practicaly look after themselves.  Try drift planting of Festuca glauca alongside the regal Miscanthus sinensis.  Clumps of mounding habit grasses are guarenteed to catch the eye whilst gravel gardens full of grasses are becomming incresingly common as temperature continue to rise.

Choose from Fountain grasses, Pampas grasses, shade loving sedge grasses and Zebra grasses.  There really is an ornamental grass for every garden, border and location.