Climbing Plants and Vines

Climbers and climbing plants add an extra dimension to your garden by maximising the available space. There is the perfect climber for every garden, and they provide a means of scrambling over fences and eyesores and breaking up your garden boundaries. Gardening Express have a carefully selected collection of garden climbers for sale, perfect for UK growing conditions.  We have the perfect climber for all garden styles including jungle, cottage and modern.

There can be no more versatile garden plant than climbers. Their ability to cover trellis, pergolas and unsightly features ensure their ongoing popularity. Many climbing plants are low maintenance, others provide year-round interest, whilst others demand attention due to their stunning floral display. Our selection of climbers includes both shade lovers and sun worshippers whilst the ability to grow in pots and containers adds to their popularity.  For the smaller garden, climbers allow gardeners to make the most of the available space by climbing vertically.

Climbing plants offer the ability to transform dull walls into stars of the garden whilst others add to your garden's ability to attract wildlife and pollinating insects. Don't be constrained to thinking in two dimensions with your garden; choose a climber from our selection below and add that extra dimension.

Climbers use tendrils, twining stems and sticky pads to climb walls. Certain climbing plants require extra help by tying them to structures which should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the plants. Keep climbers well watered, especially those growing up walls which can be sheltered from rainfall.