Acer palmatum 'Cascade Citrine' - Golden Foliage Weeping Waterfall Japanese Maple - LARGE Tree

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Bred in the Netherlands, and introduced to the UK exclusively by us is this fantastic Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum Cascade Citrine.

A unique variety that was created by crossing the waterfall maple Ryusen with the much loved golden leaved forms, which has resulted in favourable characteristics from both varieties on one plant. The foliage is bright citrus-yrellow with a few orange highlights to the new shoot tips, the habit is completely weeping and prostrate like a waterfall Ryusen Acer, thus combining the best characteristics of its parents. it really will make a magnificent specimen.

Cascade Citrine lends itself to many new and exciting possibilities and situations in the garden, and can be grown in many different ways from small sweeping shrubs to larger weeping standard trees, and that is what we have here. Grafted on a strong straight stem and standing around a metre tall, these trees weep gracefully presenting their unmistakable maple foliage to all.

If you have ever seen a weeping Kilmarnock Willow before, then this is the effect to expect, except this tree is an amazing Acer, with beautiful citrusy foliage, followed by outstanding Autumnal hues - it will look good for so many months of the year, and always be a talking point. Acer palmatum Cascade Citrine is very easy to grow and a vigorous strong Japanese Maple variety - do not expect it to grow upright, but do enjoy its weeping cascading habit.

Supplied as an established, grafted weeping tree at around 100cms tall in an approx. 6.5 litre nursery containers, these are are vigorous specimens and will make an immediate impact where ever they are planted.

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