Courgette Plants

Grow your own Courgette Plants, perfect for gardeners looking to enjoy homegrown freshness while ensuring great value and high-quality yields. Known for their robust growth and plentiful produce, courgettes, or zucchinis, are a favourite among vegetable gardeners for their versatility in the kitchen and ease of growing.

Choose from popular varieties like 'Defender', known for its disease resistance and consistent production, and 'Black Beauty', which offers dark, rich fruits known for their excellent flavour. These varieties thrive alongside companion plants like Marigolds, which help deter pests, and Beans, which enrich the soil with nitrogen, enhancing growth.

Courgette plants require just basic care—full sun, regular watering, and occasional feeding—to produce a bountiful crop. They are perfect for raised beds, large containers, or direct ground planting, making them adaptable to various garden setups.

Dive into our collection of Courgette Plants today and start enjoying the rewards of growing your own vegetables. Not only will you get the satisfaction of harvesting your own produce, but you'll also benefit from the lush growth that adds beauty to your garden space.

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