Acer palmatum Dissectum - Filigree Japanese Maple - LARGE

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This stunning Japanese maple is well-loved for its filigree lace leaves which have a marked delicacy and elegance. ‘Filigree’ forms a sweeping, mushroom-shape and looks particularly beautiful at the edge of a pond. Its leaves emerge a bright lime green and gradually turn to shades of yellow, orange, and red in the autumn.

This large specimen is an approximate height of 0.8-1 metres which really makes its colour and sculptural shape stand out. Overall, it is a reliable architectural plant that can perform wonderfully as a sole feature or part of a border planting scheme.

This is a versatile plant that thrives in full sun or partial shade and does not require a lot of maintenance. It is ideal in a sheltered area with moist but well-drained soil. 

Supplied in an approx 15 litre containers.

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