Bargain Hardy Evergreen Shrub Collection - Selection of 5 Garden varieties
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Bargain Hardy Evergreen Shrub Collection - Selection of 5 Garden varieties

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A great set of evergreen shrubs that are perfect for adding year round colour to the garden.

They can be added to the garden border or even be used in pots on the patio to add seasonal colour. All the shrubs are well established to flower within the next year where applicable and will arrive in approx 2-3 Litre sized pots.

These are the same size as we grow on for a year in larger 5 Litre containers before selling on, so you really are getting a great selection of bargains for your garden!

The set contains one of each of the following plants:

Choisya ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom

Wonderfully scented, star-shaped, white flowers in late spring and handsome, aromatic, dark green leaves. This compact and easy-to-grow shrub is a valuable garden mainstay. The glossy, evergreen leaves provide an excellent backdrop for medium-sized perennials and pale-grey or purple foliage plants.

Cytisus - Broom

A small rounded shrub with red-pink and yellow, pea-like flowers which will remind you of the colours of a goldfinches plumage. Does best in poor sandy soil in full sun. After flowering cut back stems.

Photinia Red Robin

This popular evergreen shrub has brilliant red, glossy young foliage and clusters of small, white flowers in mid to late spring, sometimes followed by spherical red fruit. A compact and colourful variety it can also be used to make a fabulous informal hedge. It's also great trained as a wall shrub against a south or west facing wall.

Choisya ternata Sundance - Mexican Orange Blossom

A favourite low maintenance shrub, this really stands out in the garden, thanks to its bright yellow foliage. Produces a show of fragrant white flowers in early summer and sometimes again in autumn too. Being evergreen, its particularly suited for use in winter patio planters.

Aucuba japonica - Japanese Laurel

Lustrous, dark green leaves often spotted with yellow, and small clusters of red-purple flowers in April and May, followed by large, bright red berries. This compact Japanese laurel is perfect for a small shady site. Tolerant of dry shade and urban-pollution. The berries are highly attractive and retained all winter. Don't worry, this is not a tall hedging laurel, but a bush with reaching an overall height of around 1 metre.