Begonia Fiery Apricot Shades - Illuminating Colour - Pack of THREE

Product ref: BR161502

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These Apricot Shades Begonias offered an improvement over other varieties on the marker in that they provide an enriched display in terms of both flower power and colour intensity - not to be confused with other lesser offerings available - often advertised as 'improved' or 'enhanced', but we can guarantee the best quality hand selected stock to provide real Illuminations in your garden.

Apricot Shades Illuminating Begonias will create a spectacular trailing avalanche of double and semi-double flowers all the way through summer and in to the autumn - perfect for non-stop impact and colour.

Cascading radiant colour all summer and in to autumn
Unbeatable for value and durability
Keeps blooming - whatever the weather
Extra-large double flowers up to 10cms diametre
Perfect in a sunny or semi-shaded position
Ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes patio planters.
Impressive displays that will light up even a shady corner

Pack of THREE top size ready to grow tubers.