Berberis Darwinii - Darwins Fiery Flowered Barberry - Pack of THREE Plants

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Darwins Berberis is a fantastic early flowering evergreen, with bright fiery clusters of small, nodding, orange-yellow flowers appearing reliably every Spring. Further attraction is added by a crop of purple-blue coloured berries that follow in the autumn berries.

The foliage is an attractive dark green colour, with each leaf being quite small and looking like a minature version of a holly leaf. Very easy to grow, Berberis Darwinii will often reward with a second flush of flowers in the Autumn. As an upright, evergreen shrub, it is a valuable foundation plant in the winter garden when it is not at it's main period of interest as it helps maintain a shape and outline of things to come, it is very useful to fill a difficult spot in the garden and also a pefect choice if you are looking for a good informal, flowering hedge.

Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers, our lovely bushy plants will be covered in buds and flower in season, this pack of three is perfect if you have a gap to fill in spring and want something bright.