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The Best of British Fruit Tree Collection - Three varieties originally raised in the UK, all with amazing flavour and ease of growth.

Pick your own home produced bumper crops of Apples, Pears and delicious Plums from your garden or patio.

Our special trees are delivered at around 140cms (5ft) tall, all you need to do is plant them, and watch them quickly grow into 6-7ft tall heavy croppers, giving a high yield of easily accessible fruit, without any need for ladders or climbing at picking time. All of our fruit trees should be producing well within a season or two, if not the year of planting. Unlike many varieties on the market, you do not need to buy extra trees later on to pollinate the flowers and make the fruit, because these have been specially selected as self-pollinating varieties. They only need a small sunny space to thrive in your garden, or of course on the patio in large planters, even on a balcony!

Your Collection is made up of the following varieties:

Pear Tree - Concorde
Concorde is a superb, very heavy cropping variety, with a flavour to match the quality of the fruits. Raised in Kent, from a cross between Conference and Doyenne du Comice, Concorde has inherited the reliability and easy growth of Conference with the influence of Doyenne to give a beautiful flavour. It is self-fetile too. 

Plum Tree - Victoria
Britain's best known plum and undoubtedly the nation's favourite. This reliable British bred garden variety, named for Queen Victoria, produces heavy crops of egg shaped, medium sized fruits that are ideal for both culinary and dessert use. 'Victoria' Plums make delicious pies and jams, or simply eat them straight from the tree.

Apple Tree - James Grieve 
Originally raised in Scotland, this is an old variety, not suited to supermarket handling, so if you want to enjoy it, you'll have to grow it at home! It comes with a fantastic flavour and is tasty straight from the tree or used in cooking. Reliable cropping every year, and great disease resistance too.

High quality bare rooted tree stocks - as used by commercial growers.

Delivered in Winter and throughout Spring, this is the best planting time for these, so they can quickly grow away in the Spring time as temperatures rise. Full growing instructions, our growth guarantee and tips are included.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 59.99, today just 19.99 - Save £40!