Dahlia Red Pygmy

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Dahlia 'Red Pygmy' is a stunning and large flowering dwarf dahlia. Pygmy grows to about 50cms in height and produces a profusion of 4-inch bright red blooms. Flowers have a semi-cactus form with wide petals, making their color more visible in the landscape.

Use Red Pygmy Dahlias at the front of dahlia beds to heighten the layered effect. They're great for low borders along walks, and they can fill a bed for an impressive mass of color. Excellent cut flowers and suitable for pots and containers too!

This plant is supplied as a single bare root tuber.

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Best time to plant is in April. To plant them, dig a hole at least 20-30cm square and around 20-30cm deep for each one. Cover the base of the hole with 10cms of compost, or manure and give it a good dousing with a full watering can and then plant the dahlia at a depth of 15cms. Plant in a sunny spot and keep moist yet well-drained. It will need to be lifted in winter - once the foliage dies back simply dig it up and store in a cool, frost free location.