Dahlia El Paso - Ball Dahlia
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Dahlia El Paso - Ball Dahlia

Product ref: BR11173

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Dahlia 'El Paso' is a ball type Dahlia and produces masses of smaller (for a Dahlia) but still large (4"-6") flower heads that are creamy yellow inside, with the tips a subtle pastel pink. Very long flowering, from June to the end of September and is a beautiful, bold plant for the herbaceous border.

It is a decorative type growing to around 80-90cms high and makes an excellent cut flower. Dahlia 'El Paso' needs a sunny spot in moist but well drained soil. It will need to be lifted in winter - once the foliage dies back simply dig it up and store in a cool, frost free location.

This plant is supplied as a single tuber. Best time to plant is in April. To plant them, dig a hole at least 20-30cm square and around 20-30cm deep for each one. Cover the base of the hole with 10cms of compost, or manure and give it a good dousing with a full watering can and then plant the dahlia at a depth of 15cms. You will need a stout stake, not just a bamboo cane, to support each plant and it is a good idea to knock this in first and then place the plant by its side.