Cistus purpureus Alan Fradd

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Small compact evergreen shrub that reaches a height and width of one metre and is a great addition to a low maintenance garden.

Its dark green leathery leaves make for the perfect foil when the flowers appear. These flowers are abundant and have a slightly crumpled appearance, they are white in colour and splashed with maroon and can be seen in mid to late summer.

Despite originating from the Mediterranean parts of Europe the Cistus is a frost hardy customer that tolerates low fertile soils and arid conditions. It will even happily grow in chalky seaside conditions. Pinch out the growing tips of this plant as it grows to encourage the plant to fill out and clip to keep a preferred shape.

Ideal for a Mediterranean or fresco style garden but it is versatile to fit into a cottage garden setting if so desired.

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.