Collection of THREE Succulent Plants

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Succulent Plant Collection. These plants are great displayed together around your home as a group, or indeed as individuals on their own.

Related to Cacti without the prickles, people do not realise how diverse the range of varieties is, we have plenty of variation in our special mix of plants. Succulents are resistant plants, famous for being about the most tolerant and forgiving of plants to care for and maintain, drought tolerant and easy to look after, they definitely should not be left confined to the dessert!

Our collection is supplied ready to display, and will be loved by plant collectors or of course are a very easy house plant for beginners and those with less green fingers.

For something different why not try these dotted around your windowsills in small groups, there are plenty of interesting shapes and textures included in our special mix.

Pack of THREE assorted Succulent plants in approx 5.5cm pots.