Cordyline 'Salsa' Pink Cordyline - Stunning Hardy Torbay Palm

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These hardy "Salsa" Pink Cordylines are really taking the garden world by storm, and it's not hard to see why with their exotic look.

Cordyline Salsa Pink is a new comer for adding interest to your garden and patio planters, offering both a completely new colour variation in combination with a graceful 'weeping' habit to the foliage - different to anything available before. Deep bronze-purple-red leaves have a wide, distinctive pink edging. The bright pink colouration is combined with tactile foliage, bold arching leaves are almost reminiscent of a phormium

With hardly any green visible in the leaves, the colouration is electric, strikingly striped with bright fuchsia pink and bronze. This plant will make a lovely container plant for a patio where it's leaves can be gently stirred by the breeze. How lovely would it be sitting in your garden this summer with the shadows cast by these beautiful architectural plants dancing on your patio!

These Cordylines can be drought resistant plants, so are ideal for the gardener who occasionally forgets to water too. We recommend growing them in large containers with good drainage or as feature plants in sheltered spots of the garden. The striking look will make a fantastic focal point and add a touch of the exotic to your garden what ever the size. Despite the exotic appearance, these Cordylines are hardy to as low as around -6 °C.

Supplied in approx 2-3 Litre containers at an overall height of around 50-60cms tall, these are great value for the size and will make a lovely display in your garden.