Extra Large circa 5-6ft Magnolia Rustica Rubra - Tulip Tree

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Magnolia Rustica Rubra is a smashing small tree that will make a wonderful specimen contained in a nice planter or set out in the garden.

Rustica Rubra is sought after thanks to its ability to bloom twice every year - in Spring, and again in late summer, along with its easy going robust nature. This variety really is exceptional, requiring little maintenance and aftercare it will produce an abundance of deep pink-red-purple flushed flowers, with petals that appear creamy-white on the inside when they open. 

The large Goblet shapes flowers 15-20cms (6-7inches) in size are a glorious sight to behold, carried on robust compact growing shrubs or small trees, generally growing 2-3 metres (6-10ft) tall over time, and eventually reach double this height over a couple of decades if you do not prune.

Magnolia Rustica Rubra's flowers will bring cheer for several weeks before making way for the foliage. A truly magnificent variety for it's abundance of flowering combined with the delightful colouration. Supplied fresh from our cold store as a bare root tree with an overall height of around 140-180cms (circa 5-6ft tall), these are perfect to plant and establish this summer, and great value. Usually, you'd find specimens like this potted in garden centres for between £80 and £150 each!

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 59.99, today just 29.99 - Save £30!

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