Festuca glauca Elijah Blue - Fescue - Pack of THREE

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A mystical blue grass with very fine foliage

Looks excellent early in the season and will flower later

Plants a neat and rounded in shape

Brilliant in a container with other grasses or in the border

This compact Festuca glauca, or Blue Fescue as it is also known, is one of the finest ornamental grasses available with blue leaves. These are very fine and needle-like with a silvery blue-green colour. In summer short spikes of bluish flowers also appear above the hummocks of foliage and these gradually fade to a buff colouration.

Elijah Blue is neat and rounded in shape, it looks great in an urban city modernist garden design combined with materials such as galvanised zinc planters, and specimens of bamboo or ghostly white birch trees as a backdrop. It also lends itself well to a traditional cottage scheme or a gravel garden. Try combined with the spires of blue and purple-flowering perennials such as Verbena bonariensis or with even Mediterranean-style plants.

To achieve the best foliage colour, these plants need lots of sun, and a trim each year before they start in to growth to remove last years foliage which can start to look tatty with age. This is a very simple and easy procedure.

Why not try combined with some of our other great ornamental grasses? A planter of these surrounding a Red Cordyline can also look extremely effective. These are just a few of our ideas, but you're sure to think of many others!

Pack of Three plants, each supplied in approx 2 litre containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 27.95, today just 17.95 - Save £10!

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