Gypsophila 'Pink' - Pack of SIX

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For those of you that have a real passion for cut flowers then you will be familiar with the delicate and beautiful Gypsophila or ‘Babies breath’. Clouds of flower cover the foliage from June until the end of August and are made up of many tiny, rounded flowers.

Normally Gypsophila is known for its white flower colour, but this variety offers an alternative with its flowers being a subtle pink and are stood out by the soft light to mid green foliage that sits underneath the flowering stems.

Plant Gyp in drifts to really create a display, add compost to the soil in advance and make sure the soil drains well. A cottage style mixed herbaceous border with other perennials that are good for cut flower would be the perfect design for these plants.

Pack of SIX best quality bare roots ready to plant