Large 5-6ft Magnolia Yellow Bird - Tulip Tree

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Magnolia Yellow Bird is a very special hard to come by variety with bright yellow-cream flowers that appear from huge goblet shaped flower buds throughout Spring - a signal that warmer weather has finally arrived after a chilly winter.

Later flowering than many Magnolia varieties, it generally starts in late April and continues right up to early summer. This blooming period comes as a bonus in gardens that are prone to late frosts as it means the flowers are not affected by any late cold snaps in spring.

The glorious flowers, large in size - 6-7inches, are carried on robust compact growing small trees, generally reaching 2-3 metres tall over time.

Very unusual, Yellow Birds flowers appear as bright golden goblets that will fade to cream as they age, providing a bright and unusual appearance. These star over the plants for several weeks before making way for the foliage. A truly magnificent variety for it's abundance of flowering combined with the bright warm colouration.

Supplied fresh from our cold store as a bare root tree with an overall height of around 150-180cms (5-6ft tall), these are perfect to plant and establish this summer, and great value.