Large Champagne Blush Standard Rose Tree 'Majestic' - circa 150cms tall

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A truly regal variety, this ‘Majestic’ rose plant produces large blooms with delicate pale-pink champagne colouring. Whether you choose to grow in the garden as a statement piece or as a containerised speciment, the strong sweet fragrance they produce is sure to help make your outdoor space more inviting.

To ensure that your Rose thrive all season, we recommend planting in full sun and in a spot with well-draining yet retentive soil.

Supplied container grown as a standard 'lollipop' style tree with an approx 100cm clear stem topped by the beautiful head of foliage with an overall height of around 150cms including their container.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 59.99, today just 39.99 - Save £20!

We prune and shape our Rose trees throughout the growing season to ensure they maintain a nice head of branches they branch out further, so if your new tree happens to have been cut back and arrives without any blooms present, don't worry, as more fresh ones will be produced within a few weeks on fresh growth that will follow quickly.