Malus Appletini® - Compact Mini Apple Tree circa 80-120cm tall

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Appletini is a wonderful, new and compact form of Apple Tree - perfect for Patio Planters, garden borders or even at the edge of the veg plot. Appletini will produce masses of pinky-white blossom in Spring, which is then followed by a bountiful crop of bite-sized tasty red fruits. The Apples hold very well on the tree providing an ornamental appearance as they ripen from magenta purple to a rich glossy red.

Thanks to the fruit being bite-size these Apples are perfect for children and lunchboxes as they taste delicious - they can even be eaten whole, or perhaps try in the kitchen for making mini toffee apples! Self-fertile meaning the blooms will easily pollinate themselves without the need of a partner tree near by, they are ideal for smaller gardens and are happy growing in a large container on the patio too.

Pot grown tree supplied at around 80-120cms tall.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 17.97, today just 7.97 - Save £10!

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