Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne - Chinese Silver Grass - Large Specimen

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This Chinese Silver Grass is a fantastic ornamental, clump-forming deciduous form of Miscanthus with attractive narrow, dark green strap-like foliage that has a creamy white stripe down the centre of each leaf blade. The stunning foliage is then accompanied by tassel-like reddish brown plumes that appear is masses from September to December, these gradually become fluffy in appearance and then fade to a silvery colour as the plant matures.

It is perfect for growing in a roomy container for height and foliage interest in summer, and then especially to combine with broad leaved plants and burying shrubs to produce very effective Autumnal and early Winter interest. A real star of a plant for any garden.

Supplied in approx. 10 litre containers.

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