Lupin Tutti Frutti - Collection of FIVE Plants in Assorted Colours

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Many years of breeding and selection have now given us this stunning new blend of Lupin - Tutti Frutti.

Never before has there been a Lupin with as high a quality flower spike at such an affordable price. Normally, to get this quality, you would have to buy expensive cutting raised plants such as the well loved Westcountry Lupins.

Not only has Tutti Frutti been bred for its many large, top quality flower spikes on each plant, but it is also first year flowering, these plants will be filling your garden with colour this summer! Tutti Frutti has also been specially selected for its mouthwatering range of attractive flowers in many different colour tones including bicolours, many never seen before. This spectacular mixture is sure to add height, character and interest to the borders in your garden.

Pack of FIVE Plants, each Supplied in approx 1 litre containers.